💐Happy Birthday         Sh.MRG Kurup 26.01.2022.💐

Sh. M.R.G.Kurup and bhuwna menon


Hello, everybody,

Yesterday, by evening we reached here at Lonavla by train from Kota. Purpose, of visit is get admission in B.Tech.

He got admission already but verification of documents was pending. Now, college people called to visit college on 23.feb.21.

Rose Garden at Narayanee Dham
Jai Mata Di
Sometime mata di
Presence to mata di
Inside Naraini dham lonavla
Narayanee Dham


All friends, Good Evening !

Today, ended lockdown-2 period, since start of lockdown period, I am thinking of you, to have a chat with you, since long there has not been any interaction with you all, so we have plenty of time, but you know what happened. I think every day, of you to talk next day. The days are passing this way, very fast. See, today is 3rd May,2020. Lockdown-3 starting tomorrow to 17th of May,2020.

Same routine work after 2 more weeks, hopefully we will be free from CORONA. Now, it looks like that this virus corona is not going end till next one more month, until then we have to be quarantined and get locked our selves inside house and wait for 17th Morning. Long waited Morning it would be, dont you think so.

Well guys, I hope you all are washing your hands regularly and sanitizing your hands, keep your self quarantine. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Hand washing
Hand Washing
Hand Sanitizing
Hand sanitizing

Wearing Mask can reduce spreading Corona Virus:

Yes, wearing suitable Mask can reduce spreading of Corona Virus. N95 Mask is most suitable in this case of Corona as per Medical People. So, dear wear a suitable Mask when ever you go out of your house. Try to avoid meeting with the people unnecessarily and try to wash your hands frequently after you meet any body .It would be far better, if you try to keep your self busy in various work inside house and give time to family members, which is pending since long time. Try to keep family distance, after social distance, on priority basis. Speak to family members also, from a certain distance of more than 3 feet. Don’t use towels, toiletries, of other members of family and try to use separate personal things like towels, soap, toiletries, handkerchiefs, keep distance between family members also. This time is, of social distance and family distance can low down your risk of Corona Virus.

Wearing Suitable Face Mask can reduce your risk of Corona Virus.


Vishnu:Birthday Celebrations!!!

Vishnu on 1st Happy Birthday 31.01.2020
Vishnu with different look
Waiting for celebration
Vishnu with Nannu(Grand Pa)
Mom, Nani and Chhoti Nani
Finally Cake Time
Grand Pa and Ma
It’s my turn why they cutting cake.
Birthday Candle Time
First Cake of Vishnu
Loving Moment
Papa thank you did it.
Well done Dadu
Birthday Balloons
Padma Nair and Raji PK
Padma Ji
Bhaskeran Nair
Uncle Aunty, Do come Next Year.
I am waiting.. 2021.
Birthday Pukkutty
Wait a moment go 👇
Finally.. see you next year..

News: Kumarankary

I hope this section of this site will update you with all news in kumarankary.

Childhood memories n
From my clicks: Kumarankary.
With Papa

My Extended Family

Family Members Lt.Sh.M.R.S.Kurup: Smt.Leelamma, Shyam Kurup, Shalini and Smt.Asha with kids Abhi, and Pavi.

Back side View of Kizhakkemadom

Smt.Usha Kurup, Smt.Shobha Kurup, Smt.Indira Bhai, Smt.Raji, Smt.Kavita Santosh, Smt.Sarika Kurup, Shridev Kurup, Shalini Kurup, Shyam Kurup and Smt.Asha Kurup. Smt. Sita Kurup, Shrikumar Kurup, Sh.Satish R.Pillai, Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Smt.Parvathy

(Standing ) Sarika Kurup and Shridev Kurup,

( Sitting ) : Smt.Raji Kurup, ShriKumar Kurup and Sh.Rajesh Kurup , Smt.Parvthy Kurup

Sitting: Tanushri Kurup, Padmanabhan Kurup, Devika Kurup, Pranav Kurup

( Standig ): Narayanan, Abhimanyu, and Pavi

(Standing): Smt.Sarika Kurup and Smt.Raji Kurup,

(Sitting): Sh.Mamaji, Shrikumar, Smt.Chempakam, Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Shridev Kurup

River front view of Kizhakkemadom toward Karakkad house.

Kavalam Family Members: Shridev, Shrilata, Smt.Shantamma, Smt.Pramida, Sh.Mamaji

Smt.Chempaka Kutty Amma, Smt.Pushpamma, Smt.Mini , Shrikumar Kurup

Sitting : Sh.Mamaji, Shrikumar, Smt.Chempakam, Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Shridev Kurup

Standing: Smt.Sarika Kurup, Smt.Raji PK , Smt.Parvathy Kurup.

Now existing house of Kizhakkemadom,

Kizhakkemadom Bridge: Very famous with the name of Kumarankary Palam.

(Standing): Smt.Asha Kurup, Smt.Sarika kurup, Smt.Raji Kurup, Smt.Parvathy Kurup

(Sitting) Sh.Shyam Kurup, Sh.Shridev Kurup, Shrikumar, Sh.Rajesh Kurup

Back side view of Kizhakkemadom

Next Kizhakkemadom Bros: Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Ashok , Me and Shyam, Shridev.

We visited Haridwar with family to do final karmam and holy bath of father.

Final, Day of Sanjayanam of Paternal Uncle Sh.M.R.S.Kurup, at Kizhakkemadom.

(Standing): Smt.Sarika Kurup, and Shridev Kurup

Sitting: Smt.Raji PK, Shrikumar Kurup, Sh.Rajesh Kurup and Smt.Parvathy Kurup.

We brothers Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Ashok Kurup, Shrikumar Kurup, Shyam Kurup, Shridev Kurup

Next generation coming up: Tanu, Pachu, Devika, Pranam( Sitting left to right )

Nanoos, Abhi, Pavi( Standing Behind )

(Standing) Shridev, Shrilata, Smt.Shantamma, Smt.Pramida, Mamaji, Smt.Chempakam, Smt.Mini, and Shrikumar.

Sh.Mamaji, Shrikumar Kurup, Smt.Chempakam,Rajesh Kurup, Shridev Kurup( Sitting)

Smt.Sarika Kurup, Smt.Raji Kurup, Smt.Parvathy Kurup ( Standing behind, Left to right)

Kavalam Family: ( Shrilata, Smt.Shantamma, Mamaji, Smt.Chempakam, Smt.Mini, Smt.Pushpamma and Pramida( Standing Behind ) with Shridev and Shrikumar.

( Sitting)Sh.Mamaji, Shrikumar , Smt. Chempakam, Sh.Rajesh Kurup, Sh.Shridev Kurup

(Standing Behind) Smt.Sarika Kurup, Smt.Raji Kurup, Smt.Parvathy Kurup

Kumarankary Bridge : Childhood Memories

( Sitting): Sh.Shyam Kurup, Shridev Kurup, Shrikumar Kurup, & Sh.Rajesh Kurup

(Standing Behind ): Asha Kurup, Sarika Kurup, Raji Kurup, and Smt.Parvathy Kurup

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